Thursday, September 02, 2010

Palanca Letter to Justine


This is a palanca letter for one of my nieces. I just thought the message is also for everyone. Sharing this to all:

Hi Justine,

Having a great time with God? Right now you are getting a good opportunity to reflect with Him. Take time to think of the mistakes you have done and realize how you can improve as a better person. Take time to think of the happy instances in your life and reflect on how you can live your life with lots of those times. When I was as young as you are right now, I used to think of a lot of the things may it be just small as how will I talk to my friends or something really big and important to me like how should I live my life to be satisfied. One of the things I find myself thinking of most of the time are my actions and their consequences. I ask a lot of questions and reflect a lot on how my actions affect me, my life and other people.

What are the actions that make my mama and papa sad? Why do these things make them sad? What makes them happy?

What do I want to be when I become 18? How can I become that person when I reach that age?

How does God want me to live my life?

I’m sharing these questions to you because these kinds of questions when asked to oneself, help a person realize at least a goal… or when I was young I call it a wish. A wish that I know I can get and when I get it, I’ll be very happy along with my family, my friends and God. Do you have a wish for yourself already? I hope you’ll figure it out soon. Once you get to have a wish (or even wishes), you’ll be happy in your life trying to attain it and even happier when you have achieved it.

I hope you are having a great time with God right now. We think of you as a good sweet talented smart person and we’re all excited to see an even better you… a Justine who is more closer to God. : )

We are all here for you Justine.


Uncle Trix

Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Greatest Goal

I am currently busy doing a lot of things. I am working hard, studying things, dancing (which I’m happy to be able to do again despite the challenges it is giving me), thinking, saving money and learning. Basically, I’m trying to be really focused on my long term goals. I am 24 and I feel I’m getting really old now and should be getting more serious in life.

I am saving and studying many things to put up a business in the future. There’s one thing that I just want to have now, though, that I don’t really have any control over. I think that I should be growing with that special girl already… that girl who I will then be marrying. Since the time I have broke up with my last girlfriend, I have tried to prepare myself for the next girl that I will be committing myself to. It has been over 2 years now since the last time I’m in a relationship and I’m kind of excited because I feel that I’m really going to love that next girl. I feel like I have a lot more knowledge now on how to deal with trials and misunderstandings. I feel like I have pondered enough and learned from my experiences that I’m ready to meet that girl now. We will argue a lot, but every after misunderstanding, we will listen and talk, determined to learn and grow together. We will hug and kiss after, as a reward for a job well done. We’re going to have a foundation of honesty, care and respect. We are going to have joys that would last a life time.

I really wish I’ll be really successful in achieving my ultimate goal. I’ll surely work hard to put up the best family in the world. I will definitely continue in preparing myself for that. I will love them. I will constantly communicate with them. And just like what I and my wife are going to do with each other, I will grow with my kids. I will try to make them feel I am there to support them in every step of the way. I will show them the best choices every time they need to decide on something. We will fight and we will argue but everything will be fixed after we talk and have a healthful conversation where we are going to have the same best purpose. We will work really hard. When the time comes they will leave our home to put up their family, I will cry but I will be happy. I am going to be proud of them because they have chosen to choose the best things. They will visit me and their mother every time they can. They will try to imitate me and their mom. They will be crying every once in a while but will be shedding tears of joy, just like their parents, for the accomplishments each of us has achieved. And when the time comes where I will be resting forever, my family will be sad. They will feel just like what I will be feeling when my kids will leave our home. They will be proud of me because I tried to be a perfect model to every person, a perfect husband, a perfect dad, and a perfect friend to my kids. They will be proud because, even though I can not, I tried my best to be a perfect person to be able to achieve my ultimate goal… to put up the greatest god-fearing happiest family I can.

I'm not daydreaming too much, am I? :)

For the mean time, I have to do a lot of sacrifices and learnings for my self. I am going to make them happen… I will try my best to… :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

So Long My Mentors

In school, or at least in my school, students are pushed to work hard. I never really want to do a lot of things especially that so exhausting thesis paper. But that was just at first. I have made myself, with the help of my teachers, get used to in doing productive things as often as possible, making my self more competitive every moment that passes.

Yesterday, I just got my final course cards in my college years. I was happy I am finally graduating. But then, I was kind of confused because I was also sad. There was actually more sadness inside me. Thinking about it this time, I believe I have finally figured it out. I got used to doing a lot of readings. I got used to in thinking of a lot of deadlines. I got used to doing a lot of researches. And now, suddenly, all of those things seem to be gone. There is a big part of me that longs for that feeling of rush again, determination to do something well again, to work hard again for something productive, and in the end, get that good grade proving my teacher we made a great team in making me better again.

It is just yesterday that school tasks are finally over for me and, surprisingly, I miss school already. I feel like I need another book review, a research paper, or do a PowerPoint Presentation for a report in front of a class. I feel like I just broke up with a girlfriend. What’s happening to me?! Oh well, it is indeed different now. I’m about to enter the school of the real world… a school without teachers to guide me.

Well, technically, I’m on my own now. But then, I prefer not to think of it that way. My teachers will still be on my thoughts, it may sound mushy as it gets. I am serious. Come on. Let me do this. :) Anyway, besides, my educators and I have not actually proven that we made a great team yet. I still have a long way to go. I guess we can not actually prove it until I reach their ages: 50’s? ;) I don’t know. But one thing is for sure, the examinations go on, just in a room where things are a lot bigger and a lot different. Surely, the learning I had in school will be in me forever. The success and teachings of Sir Melvin De Guzman will guide and encourage me to work hard and remind me that I can always count on God. The motivation and belief that Sir Robert Espiritu has shown will always be in my mind, especially when I am down, to get me going. The fundamentals of PowerPoint Presentation that have taught to me by Sir Ben Pascua will always be remembered and those skills I will surely constantly improve. The 6 inches handouts of Sir Bob Baylon will always be one of my treasures. To all teachers who believed and had that goal of really improving my self will always be considered as my inspiration to strive for success, carrying the things that they have taught me… they know who they are. They will not be giving course cards anymore but I will still have that goal of still trying to get a grade of 4 from them. But this time, on how I will apply the teachings they have inculcated in me. In the school of the real world, deadlines would be of real life, the seatwork will be in every circumstance, the assignments will come from problems of business or even of my family. There will be no teachers to scold me anymore whenever I have my shortcomings, who will give advices, who will believe, who will listen, and who will smile whenever I do something right in every step of the way. It is time to go now, but I hope I will meet them again. I hope I will be able to show them my future achievements and riches in wealth, friends, family, and even in my own students, teaching and sharing values to people inspired of what they have shown me.

To my Sir’s and Ms’s, it will be one of my goals to meet you again. I will work hard and when that time comes: I hope you will not say “You’re not doing well” (grade of 1); it will be begrudgingly okay for me if you say “You can still do more” (grade of 2); it will be just satisfactory if you say “You are okay” (grade of 3); overall all, I hope you will say “We have made a great team” (grade of 4). :) I hope I will be able to make you proud. So long my mentors, until that moment when we see each other again.