Thursday, September 02, 2010

Palanca Letter to Justine


This is a palanca letter for one of my nieces. I just thought the message is also for everyone. Sharing this to all:

Hi Justine,

Having a great time with God? Right now you are getting a good opportunity to reflect with Him. Take time to think of the mistakes you have done and realize how you can improve as a better person. Take time to think of the happy instances in your life and reflect on how you can live your life with lots of those times. When I was as young as you are right now, I used to think of a lot of the things may it be just small as how will I talk to my friends or something really big and important to me like how should I live my life to be satisfied. One of the things I find myself thinking of most of the time are my actions and their consequences. I ask a lot of questions and reflect a lot on how my actions affect me, my life and other people.

What are the actions that make my mama and papa sad? Why do these things make them sad? What makes them happy?

What do I want to be when I become 18? How can I become that person when I reach that age?

How does God want me to live my life?

I’m sharing these questions to you because these kinds of questions when asked to oneself, help a person realize at least a goal… or when I was young I call it a wish. A wish that I know I can get and when I get it, I’ll be very happy along with my family, my friends and God. Do you have a wish for yourself already? I hope you’ll figure it out soon. Once you get to have a wish (or even wishes), you’ll be happy in your life trying to attain it and even happier when you have achieved it.

I hope you are having a great time with God right now. We think of you as a good sweet talented smart person and we’re all excited to see an even better you… a Justine who is more closer to God. : )

We are all here for you Justine.


Uncle Trix

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Maroh said...

This is a really nice letter Trx. You really have matured well and I am proud to be one of your friends :)

From Big Sis,